#SugarFamily DiabetesFonds

DiabetesFonds is the largest private financier of diabetes research in the Netherlands. SugarFam believes it is important to be socially involved, with our products we can’t cure diabetes, but we can stimulate research. Per sold product we donate an amount to the DiabetesFonds. By donating money per cover we try to contribute in making living with diabetes more and more viable. 

The DiabetesFonds was very happy with our help, and provided us with great tips and tricks. We hope that together we can build great projects and collect a lot of money for research for the disease diabetes.

If you want to know more about the DiabetesFonds and what they do; have a look at their website.

We have our own Diabeatit page Here you can keep track of our donations. 

Collected amount from donations:

2018:€1.148,-   |  2019: Will you help us?

#SugarFamily Dockwize

Dockwize is a local incubator which helps and supports (young) entrepreneurs with everything regarding their businesses. 

One of the programs they offer to help people kickstart their business is the StartUp Bootcamp; the idea for creating OmniPod covers established last year while participating in this program. 

Since March 2019 we are housed by Dockwize in one of their buildings. In collaboration with our university they offer another program in which we all will participate. Form september on we’re going to expand our skills, knowledge and hopefully SugarFam while following the Minor Innovative Entrepreneurship.

Here you can find the website of Dockwize.

#SugarFamily HZ University of Applied Sciences

Besides that we are entrepreneurs we still study at the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

SugarFam was founded during Student Company, this is a fixed part in the curriculum for every economics student at the HZ. In the past, each Student Company only had a few hours each week to work on their company. The year we followed the program it was changed to a full time program. This ensured that we could invest all our time and energy in SugarFam for six months.  

The HZ still supports us in every way they possibly can. They are currently designing a ‘top entrepreneurial program to ensure it’s possible to combine your study and running a business. 

If you are from Zeeland and want to do business alongside your studies, then we all recommend HZ. Take a look at the site of the HZ

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