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OmniPod Cover – Bundle – Atlantis

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Get your OmniPod Cover Bundle Atlantis at a great price! With these pretty covers you can give your OmniPod a unique twist.


SugarFam OmniPod Cover – Bundle – Atlantis

The Atlantis Bundle takes you back to the bottom of the sea, discover your kingdom! 4 matching Covers for a great price. Mix, match, pimp or disguise your OmniPod, the choice is yours, but this package makes it possible.

The colors are matte and give your OmniPod a unique twist. SugarFam believes that a medical device you wear so close on your body should look beautiful. We make this possible for you with this Case.

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The Cover fits perfect on the OmniPod and is completely reusable. Easy to adapt and remove. So, after 3 days, when you need to change your OmniPod, you remove the cover from the old Pod and put it on your new one right away.

The Cover has been extensively tested. You can basically do anything with the case that you can do with your OmniPod. Sleeping, exercising, showering, without a single problem! After showering, we recommend that you remove the cover from your OmniPod, so you can dry the inside, there may remain some drops of water.

Diabetes Fonds

We do our best to make life with diabetes a little more fun, but unfortunately, we can not solve it. That’s why we think it’s very important to also contribute to research into the disease. We do this through the DiabetesFonds. €0.50 per sold OmniPod Cover is donated to the DiabetesFonds.


The material used (SEBS) is similar to silicone and is very well suited for covers, because the material bends well back to its original shape, is flexible, light in weight and very durable. Due to the light weight you hardly notice that the case is adapted to your OmniPod. The quality of the Cover is unique and meets the European standard for General Product Safety.


SugarFam is not liable for OmniPod devices not working. The case itself and the material used cannot possibly cause a malfunction and have no influence on the function of the OmniPod itself. The case adds protective value, but we don’t offer any guarantees on this. As mentioned above, the case is suitable for all activities that you would normally do with your OmniPod.

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