#Insulit The OmniPod

The OmniPod

As you may know by now, we make covers for the OmniPod. But what is the OmniPod and why are we making covers for the OmniPod?

The OmniPod is a wireless insulin pump that you wear on your body. You control the pump with your Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM). You do this by entering the carbohydrates that you ingest on your PDM. The PDM then sends a signal to the Pod, this signal indicates how much insulin the pump has to deliver. The OmniPod is produced by Insulet, through them you can request a trial package. If you receive the Pod trough the health insurance policy, you have a good chance that you will receive it through Mediq Direct Diabetes. Mediq will also offer Covers from us in the future. They have been very involved in the development of our covers.

But why have we made covers for this insulin pump? In the first place because Eyenalem carries the Pod herself and she came up with the idea. In addition, the Pod’s design lends itself very well to a case.