It's almost here! FreeStyle Libre Cover

Great News!

It is final, very exiting and really true! He is coming !! Ever since we started SugarFam there has been a huge demand for the FreeStyle Libre Cover and now it is coming! Production started this week (November 11) and we expect to receive the first FSL Covers at the beginning of 2020. Because we want to ensure that you receive your FreeStyle Libre case as quickly as possible, we have started a Pre-Order campaign.

Pre Order Campaign

  • You will receive your FSL Cover as one of the first. The Cover will be released when you are already walking around with one!

  • You get the Cover for a great price, if you register via the form below, you will get a unique offer!

  • You have a say in the colors, by indicating your preference you have a say in which colors the Covers become for the FSL.

Quality FreeStyle Libre Cover

The FreeStyle Libre case has the same quality as the OmniPod Covers. They are made from the same material (SEBS) and have the same specifications! The case is thin and light in weight so that you can hardly feel it.

Pre-Order your Cover by filling in the form beneath, we will send you a tailored price!

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Everything about the FreeStyle Libre

As described above, the quality of the FreeStyle Libre Cover is the same as that of the OmniPod Cover. This means that this case also lasts very long, does not become static due to the friction of clothing and retains its shape for a very long time. For the FreeStyle Libre Cover we will also donate € 0.50 per case sold to the DiabetesFonds. Below we will answer some possible questions about the Cover:

  • My FSL sometimes doesn’t even stick for 14 days, does the case not make it heavier? In principle, the case weighs between 2-4 grams, this difference is so small that it should not cause your sensor to release earlier.
  • Can the case cause the signal to work worse? No, we have tested this extensively and normally you can also scan through clothing, the case has no further influence on this.

  • Is the cover suitable for showering? Yes, we do recommend taking the Cover off the FSL after showering and drying the inside. Some water droplets can sometimes remain here.