#SugarFam Our Mission

“Lancets, insulin pumps and blood glucose meters; a diabetic colleague as biggest inspiration.’’

The mission of SugarFam entails brightening up the lives of people with diabetes, meanwhile creating awareness for the huge number of people living with this chronic illness.

Most patients need a constant supply of insulin to keep their levels on point and stay healthy. There are a few ways to do this, and one of them is the use of an insulin pump. Our colleague has been a diabetic for eighteen years of her life and makes use of one these pumps; the OmniPod.


The OmniPod is an insulin pump which can be worn on the body for three days in a row; maintaining the right amount of insulin in the body.

The pump is used in combination with a handheld, the PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager), in which the patient enters the amount of carbs they’ve eaten. This way the right amount of insulin is determined and enters the body through the OmniPod.

The OmniPod has quite a medical look; it’s a relatively big, white device surrounded by a white band aid for sturdy fixation. Because the pump can be worn on a few, often visible places on the body, it quickly becomes an advertisement for having an illness.


SugarFam believes this could be done differently. Something you always wear, even keeps you alive, should look the way the user wants and loves. How? Covers for the OmniPod! Durable and reusable covers in all kinds of colors and prints to transform the pump into an accessory.

Something for everyone: either a subtle color to make the pump less noticeable or a colorful one to make it pop! Choose the ones which suits you the most and wear your pump with pride!

Foto by: Marieke Lodder Fotografie

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