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#OmniPod Cover Check out our Covers!

OmniPod Cover - Parelmoer Goud
OmniPod Cover - Yellow
OmniPod Cover - Print - Sunshine 1OmniPod Cover - Print - Sunshine

OmniPod Cover – Sunshine

OmniPod Cover - Print - Flamingo 1OmniPod Cover - Print - Flamingo

OmniPod Cover – Flamingo

OmniPod Cover - Light Pink 1OmniPod Cover - Light Pink

OmniPod Cover – Light Pink

OmniPod Cover Black 1OmniPod Cover Black

OmniPod Cover – Black

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OmniPod Cover - Red 1
OmniPod Cover - Light Pink 4
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SugarBag - Diabetes Hipbag - Black
Sugarbaby Ladies T-Shirt - Pink 1Sugarbaby Ladies T-Shirt - Pink

Sugarbaby Ladies T-Shirt – Pink

SugarMommy Ladies T-Shirt - Pink 1SugarMommy Ladies T-Shirt - Pink
Sugarbaby Ladies T-Shirt - Black 1Sugarbaby Ladies T-Shirt - Black
SugarDaddy T-Shirt - Black 1SugarDaddy T-Shirt - Black
SugarDaddy T-Shirt - Pink 1SugarDaddy T-Shirt - Pink

SugarDaddy T-Shirt – Pink

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#CGMforAll – Support your Dutch diabuddies

View this post on Instagram Dutch T1D's need help from our international diabuddies! . -English below- . Tijd voor actie! . Ondanks dat de petitie met 50.000 handtekeningen veel belangstelling en steun kreeg vanuit de Tweede Kamer, besloten minister Bruins en het Zorginstituut er niets mee te doen. Daarom is het nu tijd om te … Continue reading #CGMforAll – Support your Dutch diabuddies

#SugarFam Everything about us!

Life should be a party!

We think that life should be a party for everyone, including the people with diabetes. That’s why we design, produce and sell covers for the OmniPod. The OmniPod is a portable insuline pump that offers a lot of freedom to the user.

The OmniPod Cover

We offer Covers in 12 different colors, for example red or light blue. We also have a few Covers with print. The covers are completely reusable and very flexible. We stand for unique quality. So, “Color your Diabetes!”


Who are we? We are 4 passionate student entrepreneurs who do everything in their power to make a succes out of SugarFam. What do we consider a succes? Help as many people as possible. Read everything about us.

Because we cannot cure Diabetes we donate a part of our profits to the Dutch DiabetesFonds. On the SugarFamily page you can read everything about our collaboration.