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#OmniPod Cover Check out our Covers!

OmniPod Cover - Print - Sunshine 1OmniPod Cover - Print - Sunshine

OmniPod Cover – Print – Sunshine

OmniPod Cover - Print - Flamingo 1OmniPod Cover - Print - Flamingo

OmniPod Cover – Print – Flamingo

OmniPod Cover - Sweet Caramel 1OmniPod Cover - Sweet Caramel

OmniPod Cover – Sweet Caramel

OmniPod Cover - Orange 1OmniPod Cover - Orange

OmniPod Cover – Orange

OmniPod Cover - Red 1OmniPod Cover - Red

OmniPod Cover – Red

OmniPod Cover - Light Blue 1OmniPod Cover - Light Blue

OmniPod Cover – Light Blue

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SugarBag - Diabetes Hipbag - Black

SugarBag – Diabetes Hipbag – Black

Sugarbaby Ladies T-Shirt - Pink 1Sugarbaby Ladies T-Shirt - Pink

Sugarbaby Ladies T-Shirt – Pink

SugarMommy Ladies T-Shirt - Pink 1SugarMommy Ladies T-Shirt - Pink
Sugarbaby Ladies T-Shirt - Black 1Sugarbaby Ladies T-Shirt - Black
SugarDaddy T-Shirt - Black 1SugarDaddy T-Shirt - Black
SugarDaddy T-Shirt - Pink 1SugarDaddy T-Shirt - Pink

SugarDaddy T-Shirt – Pink

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#SugarFam Everything about us!

Live should be a party!

We think that life should be a party for everyone, including the people with diabetes. That’s why we design, produce and sell covers for the OmniPod. The OmniPod is a portable insuline pump that offers a lot of freedom to the user.

The OmniPod Cover

We offer Covers in 12 different colors, for example red or light blue. We also have a few Covers with print. The covers are completely reusable and very flexible. We stand for unique quality. So, “Color your Diabetes!”


Who are we? We are 4 passionate student entrepreneurs who do everything in their power to make a succes out of SugarFam. What do we consider a succes? Help as many people as possible. Read everything about us.

Because we cannot cure Diabetes we donate a part of our profits to the Dutch DiabetesFonds. On the SugarFamily page you can read everything about our collaboration.